Program Questions

Who can participate in this program?

If you are a current or prospective supplier, you can participate in this program by providing us with your entire product catalog.

What do you mean by entire product catalog?

Please send us information about all the products you have in your catalog minus any private label (or any other) products that cannot be transacted within the Walmart eco-system.

Providing us your entire catalog will give Walmart merchants across all Walmart entities access to your entire catalog, allowing them to browse additional products to expand assortment. In addition to that it will help us enrich the products that we carry, so we can deliver a highly informative, delightful and consistent experience to our joint customers across all channels.

I do not sell anything in Walmart Stores but I am supplier for Sam's Club or Am I still required to participate in this program?

Yes, as a supplier to any of the Walmart entities, you should send us product content for all of your items.

All of my products are currently setup online. I do not have any "Store Only" products. Do I still need to fill out the Spec form on these items?

You can use the templates to provide updated content such as new images or descriptions for your products, regardless of the channel through which they are sold.

My items are sold only in a brick & mortar store. Do I still need to fill out the Spec form on these items?

Yes, you must send us the data in the Spec form. Our customers can purchase your products in a store but may also be able to view and buy these items online.

Is there any documentation that I can review for filling out the specs?

Yes. You can review the documentation here. We have provided some additional information for filling out product descriptions and images that can be found here. A list of valid values can be found here and Walmart Spec inclusion and Exclusion list can be found here.

As a seasonal vendor (selling Christmas trees in stores), am I required to participate in this program?

Yes, you will need to provide us with the product information.

How do I handle item bundles that contain the same core item? Should I only provide attributes for the "core" item?

Each bundle has to be treated as a distinct item. As an example, a DSLR camera may have two different bundles that contain the DSLR plus various tripods, bags and filters. In this case you would need to provide three different UPCs and three different sets of attributes.

Process Questions

Should I work with any specific Content Service Provider (CSP) to provide this content?

As a supplier you have two choices:

  • Work with Walmart directly. Do this by downloading and entering your information into the templates and then uploading them on this website.
  • Work with a CSP if you need help with creating or sending the product information that we are looking for.

I know my product categories. However I don’t know how to create or send this information to you. Are there any preferred partners or vendors in this space who can help me?

There are several vendors who are actively engaged with us to provide content related services. There are no preferred vendors and the supplier is free to work with any vendor of their choice.

The following vendors have integrated with our specs and API:

The following vendors are in the process of integrating with our specs and/or the API. If you would like to work with one of these vendors, please contact them directly to understand when their integrations are expected to be complete:

  • Gladson
  • Sellpoints
  • Webcollage
  • 1WorldSync
  • Kwikee
  • ARS

Please note that we are actively engaged with several more CSPs and will update this page regularly.

Is providing a URL for image and other assets via the Walmart spec the only way to send assets? We do not have a website to host the images.

Yes, you must provide a URL in the spec sheet. Provide the image URL to a server that is publicly hosted. For example:

What limitations are there on the URL for an image?

The limitations on the URL are:

  • No redirects from the URL.
  • No query parameters (i.e. "?" character) on the URL.
  • No password protection on the URL.
  • The URL must end with an image file extension (eg .png, .jpg or .gif)

An example of a valid URL is

Template Questions

What format should the Spec files be saved as?

If you are integrating directly with Walmart, the files should be saved as .xlsm or .xlsx. If you are working with a CSP who has integrated with our API, you should work with files as agreed to with the CSP (for example, some may CSPs may work with XML files). Please check with your CSP for details.

Are there any naming conventions for the file?

No. The file can have any name as long as it does not contain restricted characters (such as "/"). Once it is uploaded it will be given a unique Walmart filename that you can reference if you need to speak with the support team.

Should the blank tabs in the excel file be deleted?

No, simply populate the tab that is applicable to your products and save the file. Please do not:

  • Delete any blank tabs.
  • Add any additional tabs.
  • Merge with other spreadsheets.

What do the colors represent on the excel sheet headers?

The colors represent the requirement level for each attribute, as follows:

  • Light Green: Required attribute - this attribute is required to ingest the item.
  • Dark Green: Optional attribute - this attribute is not required for item ingestion, but may improve findability and the overall customer experience.

Attribute Questions

As a supplier, I do not understand how to populate an attribute. What should I do?

Please send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

As a supplier, can I leave an attribute blank if it does not apply to my product?

You can leave attributes blank if they are not required. If an attribute is required but you believe it should not apply to the product, please send us an email.

Is there a fine if the mandatory fields are not filled out?

There are no monetary fines. However, items with missing mandatory fields will not be ingested. This will result in your items remaining on the “Not Setup Report", and will affect your DQCI Scorecard that is reviewed by your merchant team.

As a supplier, how can I provide additional attributes that are missing from the Walmart Spec?

You cannot provide additional attributes in the excel templates. However in the XML, you can add the additional attributes to the “bag of attributes". ** Note: to avoid erroneous attribute creation within Walmart, double check the attribute definitions to make sure the Walmart taxonomy does not have the same attribute under a different name.**

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